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Update 15/07/13:

Doesn't look like anybody is interested in a contest at the moment. Maybe when we get a few more members I'll ask again. :)

If anybody was wondering, the super special prize idea I had was for me to buy the winner some official Hobbit/LotR merchandise from Weta Workshop.

Time for a contest?

I think 23 members is enough for a contest. Would anybody be interested? Just leave a comment if you'd consider entering one.

There will be prizes in the form of points/premium memberships.
I also have an idea for another super special prize, but I'm not sure yet. The more interest and entries, the more likely I'll give this secret prize out.

Theme ideas?

Any theme suggestions would be appreciated. :)

Some ideas I've thought up:
  • Genderswap a character you haven't before.
  • Reinterpret a scene from the book/movie with the characters gender swapped.
  • Modern AU. Or maybe just a general AU contest.
  • Your favourite paring.

Any thoughts?
Now that I've finished setting up the group it's time to start filling the gallery and hopefully gain some members too!

As for my plans for this group... Once there are enough members I'm planning to start running contests. As well as some other ideas I have floating around. More on that later. ;)

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